A focal point of the legislation. Republican senators insisted on stricter measures to secure the border with Mexico before they could support the bill.

What’s in the bill

Would require the Department of Homeland Security to submit new plans to Congress within six months to increase border agents and surveillance and extend fencing, before any undocumented immigrants could begin the path to citizenship.

After five years, if the border authorities have not expanded surveillance across the southwest border and reached 90 percent effectiveness in stopping illegal crossers, a border commission would be formed to advise on further efforts to achieve those goals.

After 10 years, if the border plans are fully operational, formerly illegal immigrants could obtain green cards, the main step on the path to citizenship. No specific security standard, or trigger, is required.

Would create an exit system to confirm the departure of foreigners at airports and seaports.

via Progress on an Immigration Overhaul in 5 Areas – Graphic – NYTimes.com.