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The United States and Mexico: Building and Designing Things Together – Forbes

14,800 container trucks cross the U.S.-Mexico border each day. They carry much of the $1.6 billion in daily trade that makes Mexico the third largest economic partner and the second largest export market of the U.S., and that makes the U.S. Mexico’s top economic partner.  Mexico is the largest international buyer for some 23 U.S. states, and the U.S. buys about 80% of Mexico’s exports.These facts indicate why Vice President Biden, three cabinet secretaries and other U.S. officials will be in Mexico City February 25 meeting Mexican counterparts, led by Secretary of Finance Videgaray, for the U.S.-Mexico High Level...

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Made in Mexico: An emerging auto giant powers past Canada – The Globe and Mail

When Salvatore Lauria started work at Autotek in Puebla, Mexico, there were only a few cars in the company parking lot. Now, 15 years later, the parking lot is full and the vehicles have spilled over on to the neighbouring soccer field.There are more cars today because Autotek has expanded eight times since it began stamping out bumpers and radiator supports in 1991.“We often talk about all the expansions we have done in our facility, but we often forget we have had to make four expansions in our parking lot,” says Mr. Lauria, general manager of the plant, which...

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How to Boost Border Competitiveness? Just Ask the Folks There.

For years, the United States’ southern border with Mexico has provoked a range of fears, from terrorism and drugs to overwhelming numbers of unauthorized immigrants, prompting a security-first and often security-only approach to border management. Fear-based rhetoric may resonate in the echo chambers of Washington DC, but it feels wholly out of touch to most (though not all) residents of border communities.Thankfully, with U.S.-Mexico trade at historic highs and growing faster than trade with any other major trading partner, it is increasingly difficult to ignore the importance of safe and efficient border management to the regional economy. U.S.-Mexico trade is now valued at well over a half trillion dollars per year, 80 percent of which crosses the U.S.-Mexico land border. This trade supports around six million U.S. jobs, and systems of co-production in manufacturing allow companies to combine the comparative advantages of the United States and Mexico, boosting the competitiveness of North America as a whole.via How to Boost Border Competitiveness? Just Ask the Folks...

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How Will Mexico’s Economy Perform in 2015?

Mexico is being squeezed in a difficult global economic environment. In mid-2014 Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim said “Last year (growth) was low, I think that this year it will be relatively low too, but I think next year will be much better.” Expecting Mexico’s highly touted set of structural reforms to help attract a new wave of investment, Slim, the majority owner of Mexican telecom giant America Movil, said, “I hope that next year we will set the pace for growth for the next four years.”Unfortunately, falling oil prices and a difficult global economic environment have put a damper on...

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It’s Time To Reset U.S.-Mexico Relations – John M. Ackerman – POLITICO Magazine

Me xico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto makes his first state visit to the White House this week. This meeting offers a golden opportunity to start cleaning up the blood which today stains US-Mexico relations. Since taking office, President Barack Obama has treaded water in the bilateral relationship and become increasingly implicated with terrible human rights violations in the process. It is time to end this vicious cycle and mark out a new path for peace and prosperity in North America.The present situation is unsustainable. Violence, crime, corruption and conflicts of interest are out of control. The September 26 assassination...

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