Reports of the death of immigration reform are greatly exaggerated. The debate isn’t over. Reform isn’t tanking. It’s alive and well, with the Republican-controlled House preparing to take up where the Democratic Senate left off a few weeks ago.

Yes, the debate in the lower chamber will be very different than it was in the Senate. House Republicans are divided, with some, including many in the House leadership, eager to move ahead with reform, others adamantly opposed and yet others still uncertain. But that doesn’t mean they won’t make progress in months ahead — perhaps even surprising progress by House standards.

Let’s be realistic. The Senate has been working on immigration since November. It’s been a highly public process, endlessly analyzed in Washington and in the media. But at no time during the Senate debate did any House Republicans, even those most favorable to an immigration overhaul, show the slightest inclination to take up the Senate bill.

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