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Latin America’s Moment » North America by the Numbers

How much do Canada and Mexico matter for the United States? Here are a few snapshots illustrating the importance of our combined global heft and influence.North American countries are joined by 7,500 miles of land borders, among the longest in the world.Though comprising less than 7 percent of the world’s population, Canada, Mexico and the United States produce nearly a quarter of the world’s GDP—some 20 trillion dollars.via Latin America’s Moment » North America by the...

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Plan Tamaulipas: A New Security Strategy for a Troubled State | Wilson Center

Recognizing that the situation in Tamaulipas had reached crisis level, in May, 2014, Mexico’s top security officials met with their state level counterparts in Tamaulipas to unveil a new security strategy. At the heart of the conflict between the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas, Tamaulipas suffers from high rates of violent crime, including the nation’s highest for kidnapping, large-scale cases of migrant abuse and extremely weak state and local level law enforcement institutions and governance. By sending significant additional resources to Tamaulipas, the federal government made a strong and much needed commitmement to support efforts to restore public security...

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US, Mexico and Canada, the world’s dynamic region | Regional Voices | The Olympian

Even with all of our domestic concerns, it’s a big world out there, and America must keep at least one eye focused beyond our borders. But maybe not as far beyond, says a new report from the Council on Foreign Relations.The U.S. could do itself a world of good by deepening its integration and cooperation among its closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico, and building on the foundation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.A key sector is energy, and the time is right, with Mexico pushing forward on long-needed reform and the U.S. and Canada extracting more oil and...

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Don’t forget Canada and Mexico – Opinion – The Boston Globe

LIKE THE majority of his modern predecessors, President Obama has looked to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia as the regions where America’s vital interests are most often engaged. This year is no different as the United States copes with a lethal combination of challenges from the metastasizing Iraq-Syria civil war to Russian aggression in Ukraine, Chinese adventurism in Asia, and the climate and Ebola crises.While these threats won’t go away anytime soon, there is better news for Americans closer to home in the form of a strategic opportunity right in our own backyard. In an unusually far-sighted report...

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United States Mexico and Canada Energy Partnership | The Energy Collective

There have been a variety of efforts in recent years to harmonize energy policy and markets across the US, Canada, and Mexico. At the North American Gas Forum meeting this past week in Washington D.C. some of these efforts were discussed.The most important change in the energy landscape has clearly been the shale boom with surprising production of natural gas and light tight oil using advanced drilling and well stimulation technology. The enormous new supplies of natural gas in the US and Canada have altered long-standing trade flows. Mexico wishes to get in on the act as well since they have...

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