As the country’s leaders gear up once again to overhaul the immigration system, a heated debate is expected on the creation of a guest worker program allowing future temporary immigrants to come legally.

Politicians will take up various versions. Some say all they need to do is look north for an ideal model.

Canada has had a guest worker program with Mexico since 1974. Though it’s not without critics, it’s generally hailed as well organized and worthy of being replicated.

The process starts with Mexico screening potential workers on their education, health and skills. To ensure that they don’t overstay their employment visa, the Canadian government takes out part of the workers’ pay and puts it into a special fund — workers get the money when they return to Mexico.

Canada also requires that approximately 16,000 yearly recruits be married — but only they, not their spouses and children, can travel to Canada.

via Canada-Mexico Guest Worker Program Touted as Model for U.S. To Replicate | Fox News Latino.