Who pays for agricultural subsidies? Agricultural dumping between the United States and Latin American countries have swept agricultural production and prices in nearby countries while increasing displaced rural workers’ migration.

Leticia and her family came from Mexico in 2004 because their small dairy farm operation went downhill. Her father used to lease a piece of land and raise dairy cows, selling the production to Nestle Waters of North America.

“My father and other dairy farmers belonged to a small cooperative renting a bulk milk cooler. Once a week, Nestle trucks came and picked up the milk and cream to be transported to the factories,” Leticia told VOXXI in an interview. However, in 2003 Nestle dropped the price of milk they were paying to small producers and started being inconsistent with weekly pickups. Several times, the milk got spoiled because of lack of transportation.

via Mexican Farmers Affected By Agricultural Subsidies From NAFTA, Other International Agreements.