Barring a surprise, the bipartisan immigration bill on the floor of the Senate will be approved by the end of the week. Two-thirds of the chamber, including 15 Republicans, voted to break a filibuster in a key procedural vote Monday night, clearing a path for a similar number to support final passage before members scatter for the July 4 recess. Perhaps the bill’s architects will win the splashy 70-vote majority they have sought. Perhaps they fall a few votes shy of that target. Either way, success in the Senate is a significant milestone in the push to overhaul U.S. immigration laws for the first time since 1986.

It may also be its apogee. Because when the immigration debate resumes after the holiday, the action shifts to the House of Representatives, Washington’s legislative killing field. As things stand now, it will take a change of heart from rank-and-file Republicans or a hairpin turn from their embattled leader John Boehner to thread legislation through the House.

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