Despite manifold evidence to the contrary, the trope that immigrants steal Americans’ jobs and depress their wages comes up again and again when Congress toys with passing immigration reform (which, hey, might happen this year, you never know). It’s simple economics, the opponents insist: Increase the labor supply, and the price of work declines. There are only so many job openings in the world, and immigrants will fill them more cheaply if you let more of them in.

Though perhaps they’re only drops in the ocean, a pair of white papers from the German economic research institute IZA recently consolidated the evidence, analyzing dozens of studies in many different countries over the past decade to see where most of them shook out. With a few outliers, results support the admittedly counterintuitive notion that — as long as labor markets remain flexible — immigration actually creates more jobs and can push up wages for native-born workers. Here are the main reasons why that’s true.

via Immigration helps American workers: The definitive argument.