Emilio Lozoya, the turnround champion charged with transforming hulking oil monopoly Pemex into a nimble 21st century competitor in Mexico’s newly liberalised energy sector, seems barely able to believe it himself.

Such was the inefficiency at Pemex, which looms as large over the country as its 48-floor tower does over the Mexico City skyline, the company used to have 100 separate buying offices. Mr Lozoya, Pemex CEO, rolls his eyes.

He has scrapped them, saving as much as $600m since January, and this week he expects to get a new board, enabling him to move his corporate revamp plan up a gear in preparation for new partnerships that will end the best part of 100 years of self-imposed solitude for Mexico’s energy sector.

via Lozoya drags Pemex from its solitude – FT.com.