One of the big stories on our 2013 radar is Mexico, expected to become the world’s tenth-largest economy this year. Thanks to rising wages in China and Mexico’s proximity to the US and the South American markets, the country is becoming a favorite for manufacturers looking for production facilities: It’s now the fourth-biggest automotive exporter in the world.

But despite above-average growth, there’s still a lot of ground to make up for Mexico when it comes to finding economic advantages over competitors like China, Indonesia and Costa Rica. The above chart from Euromonitor shows Mexico’s electronics trade deficit, which has grown for the fourth year running. If you’re a rising economy planning for the future, one sector you probably want to focus on is electronics, which is fast-growing in itself and underpins other advanced industry.

via Mexico, the economic dynamo of 2013, has some catching up to do in one very important sector – Quartz.