Ronald Reagan intuitively believed in the notion of a North America, distinct in history, geography, shared identity, values and destiny.

His announcement in November 1979 that he was a candidate for the presidency included the surprising aspiration for “a North American accord” that would enable the United States, Canada and Mexico together to make the continent “the strongest, most prosperous and self-sufficient area on earth.” It could “show the world by example that the nations of North America are ready, within an unswerving commitment to freedom, to seek new forms of accommodation to meet a changing world.”

In 35 years, the world has changed more profoundly than imaginable back then. Strengthening the common economic North American home base to meet new conditions of rising competition and weakened multilateral institutions should have ringing political appeal in all three countries.

But on the day-to-day political level, North America is more divided than ever.

via A vision of North America – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.